Edition L’Orchidee, 100 ml, 40.6% Alc

Monfleurie’s smaller version. Artistically hand-engraved bottle and a pair of crystal glasses. Rare tasting opportunity and a beautiful gift.

The precious liquid at the core of Monfleurie Edition L’Orchidee originates from a 1960 Grande Champagne vintage, and over the past six decades it has developed a wonderful rich floral character.

Jean-Marc Olivier blended it with a multitude of other old eaux-de-vie hand-picked from the Maison Boinaud reserves to create a truly phenomenal Cognac experience.

Treasured Rarity

Monfleurie is an absolute rarity. Only two barrels were laid down for our premier release and this world’s first edition has been dedicated to an Orchid (L’Orchidée in French), the iconic flower symbolizing beauty, endurance, and love.

Bespoke Elegance

Bespoke Elegance

Every single Monfleurie decanter is entirely handmade, and it takes several days to complete just one. Heavy, flawless, shiny crystal masterpiece with 24-carat Gold encrustations – a sheer delight to look at and hold in your hands.

For the Edition L’Orchidée, decanter is crowned with a cap featuring the orchids, sculptured with the fine jewelry’s crafting technics.

As a finishing touch, the decanter is nestled inside a spectacular keepsake lacquered wooden case destined to hold treasured mementos long after the Cognac has been enjoyed.
The gift of Monfleurie will awake all the senses. Stunningly beautiful bottle, artistically sculptured cap, looming excitement from alluring aromas, and exquisite taste of this rare Cognac

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