The creative force behind the MONFLEURIE brand is Olga Otrokhova.

A Cognac connoisseur, Olga has always been fascinated by the art of making this precious liquid. Over the years, she tasted many well-known brands, but none resonated because they were overtly masculine and heavy.

Ultimately, Olga became inspired to create an entirely different Cognac — one designed with a woman in mind every step of the way.


Exclusively made from Grande Champagne grapes lovingly cultivated in the sun-drenched hills of Angeac, MONFLEURIE is created in collaboration with Maison Boinaud.

True masters of their craft, the Boinaud Family has been passing the tradition of single estate cognac making for 24 generations.

Built over the decades, Boinaud safeguards one of the world’s largest Grande Champagne  reserves that treasure eaux-de-vie of an unparallel aromas and quality.


MONFLEURIE Cognac celebrates the beauty and spirit of the modern woman.

Captivating, chic and luxurious, MONFLEURIE combines the best of Cognac’s savoir-faire with an unexpectedly floral, feminine interpretation in every exquisite drop.


The precious liquid at the core of MONFLEURIE originated from a 1960 harvest — and over the past six decades has developed a distinct floral bouquet.

It was then blended with hundreds of eaux-de-vie hand-picked from the unique Maison Boinaud cellar to create a truly memorable moment to savor.


When you taste MONFLEURIE, you are embarking on a journey that begins with notes of iris and violets.

As the liquid opens further, a warm wave dances across the palate, reminiscent of orange confit and crème brulée. The complexity of flavors delivers welcoming hints of cinnamon and baking spices to entice yet another magnificent taste.

Sip after sip, the MONFLEURIE experience evolves into an enchanting crescendo that endures long after the final drop has been enjoyed.


MONFLEURIE arrives in a series of Limited Editions featuring the rare 1960 liquid in the core.

Each edition will be themed to a flower embodied on the cap and collar.

The Launch Edition is dedicated to an Orchid (L’Orchidee in French), the iconic flower symbolizing feminine beauty, endurance, and love.

Only two barrels were produced for this first edition.


MONFLEURIE is preserved in an elegant, custom crystal decanter, hand-blown at a century-old French glassmaker and engraved by an artist in the Cognac region.

The decanter is crowned with a cap featuring an elegant design of orchids, reminiscent of fine jewelry.

As a finishing touch, the bottle is nestled inside a spectacular keepsake lacquered wooden case destined to hold treasured mementos long after the Cognac has been savored.


The gift of MONFLEURIE promises an awakening of  the senses

…a stunningly beautiful bottle, intricately handmade cap, imminent excitement from alluring aromas, and exquisite taste of this rare, blend.

Captivating. Chic. Luxurious.

And emphatically feminine.