Olga Otrokhova

The Founder

Inspired By Passion

The vision, soul and face of the Monfleurie brand is Olga Otrokhova, the New York resident and a top French fashion model.

An avid Cognac connoisseur, Olga has always been fascinated by the art, culture and magic behind this precious liquid. Over years, she tasted many big and small brands and always felt there was a need for the fresh perspective and a truly elevated Cognac idea.

Ultimately, Olga grew inspired to create her own, an entirely different Cognac - one that combines modern spirit, beautiful craftsmanship and exceptional taste and aroma.

Rooted In Fashion And Luxury

Olga was only 16 when the famous Elite Model Look agency moved her to a magical city of Paris. Very quickly, she became a darling of major fashion magazines and World’s top luxury brands.

Over 15 years of this fascinating career across Europe, Asia and USA, empowered Olga to develop a valuable sense for how the World of luxury is moving.

Collaborating with and learning from internationally renowned photographers and designers she grew determined to create and build her own brand- innovative, beautiful, and precious.

Precious Liquid

The precious liquid at the very core of MONFLEURIE originates from a 1960 harvest that in the past six decades has developed a wonderfully rich, distinct floral bouquet — the gem one should expect from the top-quality Grand Champagne cognac.

It was then blended with hundreds of eaux-de-vie hand-picked from the historical Maison Boinaud cellar and put together for proper merging in two very old oak barrels.

Receiving no additives at all, the blend is preserved in its natural state, going into the bottles at cask strength of 40.6% alc.
Ultimately, Olga became inspired to create an entirely different Cognac — one that combines modern spirit, beautiful craftsmanship and rich taste and aroma.

Impressive and Exclusive

From the most elegant decanter silhouette to hand-applied decoration nuances to an extraordinary palate — all the senses awaken and fall into a harmony. Monfleurie has been created slowly, with passion, skill, and care. It feels very rewarding to generously hand it over to someone you really appreciate.


Master Blender
Craftsmanship and Heritage
Olga Otrokhova brings Monfleurie to Taiwan