Craftsmanship And Heritage

Craftsmanship And Heritage

Best terroir

Exclusively made from Grande Champagne grapes lovingly cultivated in the sun-drenched hills of Angeac, MONFLEURIE is created in collaboration with Maison Boinaud.

100% Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne is the single famous most desirable area of the Cognac region.

The area is beautifully picturesque and hilly, which helps to receive the best sun exposure. The layers of chalk are very thick here making the vine work harder getting the water and the nutrients. All this results in the richest and finest quality of the grapes. Importantly, only Grande Champagne Cognacs can continue improving with aging decade after decade.

True masters of their craft

True masters of their craft and going back to 17th Century, the Boinaud Family has been passing traditions of single estate cognac making for 24 generations. Built over centuries, Boinaud safeguards one of the world’s best Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie reserves of exceptional characteristics and quality.

Finessed Over

It takes a very long time and ingenuity to have Monfleurie come to the World.

The precious liquid at the core of MONFLEURIE originates from the 1960 harvest — and over the past six decades it has developed an extraordinary accord of aromas, tastes, and textures.

Jean-Marc artfully merged it with a multitude of other old eaux-de-vie hand-picked from the Boinaud’s cellar. The blend was then let to rest for over a year to settle and finally deliver an amazing Cognac experience.


The Founder
Monfleurie and Tatler in Taiwan
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