Cask Prive 38 Edition, 750 ml, 40% Alc

Soon to be a part of Monfleurie family.

There are some truly amazing products in Maison Boinaud cellar so Jean-Marc and Olga decided to launch a separate series of very small batch Cognacs. They will be themed around particular old single vintages and masterfully re-barreled for balance and perfection. Always 100% Grande Champagne blends as is customary for Monfleurie.

Monfleurie Casks Prives series will debut by the Cask Prive 38 Edition which does mostly consist of 38 year old eau-de-vie complimented by several other rare Grande Champagne liquids. Remarkably, the barrels for the 38yo eau-de-vie had some extra toasting so expect a natural very dark rich color and a wonderful taste.
Comes in a sleek modern decanter and luxurious natural leather box. Available starting September 2023.

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