Cask Privé 38 Edition, 750 ml, 42% Alc

There are some truly amazing products in Maison Boinaud cellar so Jean-Marc and Olga decided to launch the separate series of very small batch Cognacs. They will be themed around particular very old single vintages masterfully re-barreled for perfection. Always the 100% Grande Champagne grapes as is customary for Monfleurie.

Monfleurie Casks Privés series is debuting by the Cask Prive 38 Edition which offers the Single Barrel approach to the fabulous 38 year old eau-de-vie directly from Boinaud cellar. It is being bottled at cask strength level of 42.0% alcohol. Remarkably, the barrels for the 38yo eau-de-vie had some extra toasting so expect a beautiful natural dark glowing color and wonderful set of aromas. While not a blend, this new Monfleurie product is perfectly rounded, balanced and leaves you with delightful evolving long-lingering aftertaste.
Comes in a sleek modern decanter and luxurious natural leather box. Available starting September 2023.

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